Meet Jess

My style can best be described as “Casual Glamour.” I’m a laid-back gal who LOVES fancy things – the girl who wears ripped-up jeans with Valentino’s at backyard barbecues and serves Friday night pizza on her best china.  I love to incorporate that feeling of Casual Glamour into all of my spaces. I believe that everything should be able to be touched, used and enjoyed.

Before moving to Los Angeles, I grew up in the Dallas-Forth Worth area, where I received a scholarship to study theatre at the highly regarded Texas Christian University. While studying theatrical performance and design, I learned to embody other people’s worlds and express intentions visually.  I used that knowledge to transition into my ultimate passion of interior design… a career I didn’t even know existed until I attended college.

However, that passion for interiors was planted many years prior from a very personal need for a home. As a child, my first “home” was my parent’s window tinting shop.  They often had residential jobs and I would tag along to what seemed like grand mansions in South Lake and old Fort Worth.  To me, these houses didn’t just say money: they spoke of safety, love and comfort. As a little girl, I imagined what it would be like to live in those homes and decorated them in my mind (with the help of the Spiegel catalogue).  Many years later, I would come full circle after working with local designers for 5 years; I founded Glamour Nest in 2009.

When I’m not running around construction sites, shopping in vintage shops and showrooms or staring lovingly at beautiful fabrics, you’ll find me with my nose stuck in a book.  So it’s no surprise that my favorite way to give back to the community involves BOOKS!

I am on the board and volunteer with The Book Truck, a pop-up bookstore that gives carefully selected books to teens in dropout recovery high schools, foster care facilities, and homeless shelters throughout Los Angeles.  Their mission is to “support, engage, and empower teens as readers and individuals with programing that promotes literacy and emotional well-being.”  Our teenage years are such a pivotal time; it’s where we begin exploring who we are and who we want to become.

When I was growing up, reading was a means to escape.  My books took me on adventures, allowed me to experience new worlds, and taught me about history, love, life… you name it!  Now as an adult, I can see how that love for reading has blossomed into a lifelong thirst for knowledge and growth.  It’s a privilege to work with The Book Truck because I get to share my passion one-on-one with the teens, and hopefully inspire them as much as they inspire me.