• - How does hiring an interior designer work? -

    All designers work differently. At Glamour Nest, we use our contact Us form, then set up a meet-and-greet via phone conversation that will help us evaluate your project and if we may be of help. Next, if we think we can help, we set up an initial Design Consultation. In this meeting, we will walk through your home or business with you and speak with you about the specific needs of your project. From there, we present a Scope of Work/Proposal for your design.

  • - Why do people hire interior designers? -

    There are so many answers to that question but the most common reasons people hire Glamour Nest are:

    • They know what they like and have great taste but have a hard time pulling everything together in a cohesive design.
    • They don’t have time to source and gather options and if they did they wouldn’t know how to pull everything together (see #1).
    • They have made costly mistakes in the past and realized that hiring an interior design is less expensive than doing it on their own.
    • They get overwhelmed by the amount of work designing or remodeling a room is and don’t know where or how to start.
    • They love many different styles and can’t decide which direction to go.
    • They want a look that is unique to them and doesn’t look like everyone else’s house.
  • - Do you charge for your initial Design Consultation? -

    Yes! A Design Consultation with Glamour Nest will add value to your home and your experience whether you hire Glamour Nest or not. From the moment I enter your home, my brains start buzzing and looking for ways I can help you create a home that is perfect for you. This can include ideas to implement, advice and tips to avoid many of the common and costly mistakes people make when undertaking an interior design project. During a consultation, you reap the benefits of my creativity as well as over 10 years of design experience.

  • - How do you Charge for your Services? -

    Pricing depends on your needs but as a rule we typically use a combination of both Fixed Fee and Hourly pricing structures.
    For Design Consultations, Color Consultations and Custom Room Designs we can provide flat fee pricing.
    Other services such as Meetings, Shopping + Sourcing, etc. are billed hourly and rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

  • - I don’t even know where to start on creating a budget! Can you help me figure that out? -

    Of course!  After the Initial Consultation, we can help you come up with a realistic budget based on our conversation outlining your needs. There is a wide range of pricing for things like furniture and fixtures so a lot of your budget depends on where you want to be on the cost spectrum. I usually like to mix medium with high-end pieces so we can land closer to the middle. I will help you come up with a realistic estimate and range. However, we do ask when filling out our contact us form that you put a target number in as a jumping off point.

  • - Your hours say M-F. Do you ever meet on evenings or weekends? -

    I totally understand that sometimes it is easier for you to meet outside of work hours. However, time with family and friends is very important for our team and evenings/weekends are usually reserved for personal time. Occasionally, we may agree to meet on a Saturday but scheduling is more difficult and limited so please be aware that it may be a few weeks out. Additionally, we can meet at your office during your lunch hour or virtually over Skype or Google hangouts to keep your project on track.

  • - When can you start my project? -

    I am always so excited to start new projects and wish I could start each one immediately! However, my availability is limited due to high demand. Yay! In addition, there is a level of service that Glamour Nest strives to provide our clients and that level of service cannot be met if we rush or we try to cram too many projects into a short amount of time. Your project schedule/time-line is not only calculated from the amount of work in your Scope-of-Work but also our projects currently in progress and other clients projects that are in line before yours. We do not negotiate on time-lines for these reasons. Trust us, we have your best interest in mind! We want your home to be designed with attention to detail and care.

  • - Do I have to use your contractor or tradesmen? I already have one that I love! -

    Not at all. Glamour Nest is happy to work with any vendor you hire. Your home is sacred and it’s extremely important to us that you hire a vendor that you feel comfortable with. If you need names of vendors, we are more than happy to refer you to those who can help as well. You will not pay us for construction related labor; that is always between you and your contractor or tradesman.

  • - Do I have to make purchases through you? -

    You are welcome to make any purchases on your own. However, most clients do purchase through us in order to take advantage of the professional discounts that we pass along, as well as our Expediting Services, which can make your life a little easier!

  • - Which cities do you work in? -

    Glamour Nest provides services in the Greater Los Angeles and Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas areas.

  • - Glamour Nest, you are so awesome, can we please be best friends? -

    We get this question a lot. The answer I always give my clients… “We already are.”