My Philosophy

I believe that interior design is a way to reflect what's inside of you but also a way to change what’s inside of you.
You’ve heard the saying, “home is where the heart is.” Well, I also say that your home is your heart. It should be an energy-renewing center for your family, a reflection of who you are, where you’ve been, and what brings you true joy. I believe that your home and the things in it should support you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Having been blessed to travel all over the world, I have discovered that sense of “heart” in many unexpected places; from a cozy leather chesterfield in an Irish pub, to hand-embroidered textiles from the small Mexican village where my grandfather was born.
I believe that the intention behind choices in all areas of life determines their success and sustainability.  Having a gorgeous dining room because you can, will always feel different than having a gorgeous dining room because you have a deep desire to spend quality-time hosting dinners for family and friends. Don’t get me wrong, loving beauty for beauty’s sake is certainly no crime or I would be locked up for life! When working with my clients, it is important for me to understand what their needs and wants are with the space so the design can fully support their intentions. Designing your home should be a fun experience! It’s not just the destination but the journey to get there that’s the enjoyable part: So let’s have some fun together, drooling over fabulous pieces of furniture and yummy fabric samples!
Spend any amount of time with me and you’ll probably hear how much I LOVE HISTORY. I have a passion for old homes, art, architecture and vintage pieces; anything that exemplifies craftsmanship, attention to detail and tells a story. One little lesson that I took away from my time in Paris (my spirit city) is that we should honor the past and look towards the future. You can see it in all aspects of Parisian style, from architecture to cooking. In the same way, I love mixing vintage with new. When we need to innovate, we will! We will redo and update pieces, or simply preserve and incorporate if they work “as is.”  Some people think custom pieces are out of reach but trust me, they’re not.  Many times a quality custom built item from our local vendors is on par with ready-made options, but with the added benefits of being perfectly suited to your needs and aesthetic and 100% unique to your home.
“The best things in life are free and the prettiest things are worth waiting for!” ~ When people rush, they make mistakes and waste their time and resources. If you can't get all the perfect pieces at once, that's okay!!! Let’s go in stages and do things right the first time around. There is no need to buy disposable pieces or compromise just to get a room “done.” You will only be sad later (or worse guilty) because you still want the same piece you had your eye on six months ago, but didn’t allow yourself to have it. This is your home!! It’s worth it to have patience and get the perfect quality items that resonate with you and transform your house into a home.