Thoughtful Nesting

your perfect home is within reach

You’ve dreamed about this home forever. A place that supports you physically and emotionally, and reflects your personal style. A home that is uniquely YOU. But… you haven’t been able been make this dream to reality.

You’ve read the blogs and watched countless hours of design-related TV but you are still frustrated with the look and function of your home. You’re tired of wasting money on items that don’t end up working. And you’re tired of feeling stressed in your home. I hear these complaints from clients all the time.

A great interior designer is more than an expert on style. They seek to understand your needs and who you are as a person. With their experience, they help define your personal style, encourage you to embrace it, and push you to think about solving problems in your home differently so your dream home can become a reality.

However, not everyone has the time, resources or access to hire a great interior designer.

That’s why I created this course.

Who is this class for?

  • 01
    Your heart leapt at the idea of creating the perfect home that serves and reflects you…
  • 02
    You are tired of not loving your space.
  • 03
    You feel frustrated in your space.
  • 04
    You are tired of wasting money on items that don’t work and you don’t love.
  • 05
    You want to understand your own style better and how to implement it.
  • 06
    Maybe you’ve read every design blog and still don’t feel like you know where to start.
  • 07
    Or maybe you are planning on hireling a designer and want to make sure you are able to communicate your needs.

What Does this Course Cover?

​I walk you through my specially designed 7-STEP PROCESS to create the perfect home for you. This is the exact same process I use with my clients to create spaces that not only reflect their true personal style but also support their functional needs and unique phase in life.

the class modules will...
  • Guide you in discovering, defining, and embracing your personal style.

  • Guide you on how to observe and gather the right information in order to make educated decisions when it comes to the layout, function, and organization of your home.

  • Guide you in discovering, recognizing, and expressing your emotional and functional needs.

  • Teach you how to think differently when it comes to solving problems in your home.

  • Help you create a plan so you can always keep the big picture in mind, avoid costly purchases that don't work, and recognize common missteps people make when implementing a design.

  • Guide you on how to implement your design with confidence when shopping in person and online.

The end goal is to help you move past the dreaming and stalled-out phases of making your dream home a reality. I believe that when your home supports you and your family’s emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being… it positively affects every other aspect of your life. You have less stress, feel more inspired and confident, and get to focus on the important stuff… like snuggling, talking with good friends, or just binge watching the new season of whatever is currently amazing. It’s possible to have both a home that serves you and looks amazing… so why wait?

what’s included

  • Module

    define and embrace your style

    This module walks you through getting clear on your style.

    5 video classes | 4 worksheets

  • Module

    notice how you live

    This module walks you through how to observe your
    unique way of living.

    2 video classes  |  2 worksheets 

  • Module

    express your emotional needs

    This module helps you get clear on your emotional needs
    so you can make decisions that will support those needs.

    4 video classes  |  3 worksheets

  • Module

    recognize your functional needs

    This module helps you get clear on your functional needs
    so you can make decisions that will support those needs.

    3 video classes  |  3 worksheets 

  • Module

    choose the tools that work for you

    This module is all about making your final decisions and a
    plan for your space.

    2 video classes  |  2 worksheets  | How to Measure Guide | How to Measure Furniture Video Demo | Furniture Size & Placement Guide  

  • Module

    combine your tools & style

    This module is all about combing your style with your

    2 video classes  |  3 worksheets  |  How to Create a Vibe Board Video Demo  |  My Ultimate Resource List  | How to Create a Room Story Board (Virtual Collage) Video Demo

  • Module

    implementing your plan

    This module walks you through how to shop, purchase
    online, and the pitfalls (and how to avoid them) when
    implementing your design.

    2 video classes  |  Shopping Guide Check List | 3 Cheat sheets on Quality Control, Delivery, and Hiring Tradesmen | Decor Archive Sheets

  • the cost


    the value

    To give you an idea of the value, working with a client
    one-on-one and taking them through these steps for a room
    would normally cost $1500-$2000 just for my service fee.

    Signing up for this course does not include a direct designer-client relationship. You get access to the awesome course, but not one-on-one design time.