Nov 6th

Living Rooms, the Whole Family Will Love

Graham and Brown (one of my favorite wallpaper companies) is taking over the Glamour nest Blog today!! Yay!!

The family living room is a social setting where memories are made and the décor you choose can really help you to create that warm and welcoming feel. However, choosing a décor scheme that the whole family will love can be quite tricky. Here are Graham & Brown’s top wallpaper picks for a family room.


Embrace the Tropical Trend

For a trendy aesthetic, the Tropic aqua and gold wallpaper works well in a contemporary home. The tropical palm print is trending this season while the aqua and gold color scheme will ensure that this design won’t date. Timeless yet trendy, this design is one that people of all ages will love and due to its bold print, it works well in a communal space. Tone it down by using it on adjacent walls only. Keep the rest of your home décor simple and let this tropical wallpaper steal the spotlight.


Convey a Message

The living room is primarily a space where the whole family can relax and spend quality time. After all, home is where the heart is so why no choose a wallpaper design that reflects this sentiment? The Chalk board wallpaper is ideal should you wish to create a fun family feel. Sprinkled with heart felt phrases, this is a unique design that can’t fail to create a comforting vibe.


Give Loft Living a Try

Perhaps you want to create a cozy family room with an urban theme? Loft living has inspired an influx of brick wallpaper designs of late and this season, we are seeing a flurry of urban designs in softer shades. The white realistic brick wallpaper design is a prime example of this and we can’t think of a better way to create a light and airy space.


Keep it Neutral

One of the simplest way to keep everyone happy is to opt for a neutral color palette. The Sway Taupe wallpaper provides the perfect backdrop as it offers a textural update with its sophisticated design. You can then add a splash of interest with wall art in complementing designs and a few well-chosen accessories. This is such a versatile design that any accessories will complement it.

Decorating a family room can be challenging but Graham & Brown’s top wallpaper designs are guaranteed to inspire you. Give your living room a new look this season that everyone in the family will approve of.


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