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Why Seasonal Decor is an Act of Love.

Halloween Decor Ideas 2017

Part of creating a welcoming and special home is decorating for the holidays. I always say that decorating your home is about moments and the “stuff” we put in our homes help make the moments happen! Thinking back on my childhood I can’t help but feel grateful to my mom for always making everything (especially during the holidays) feel so special. I didn’t grow up in a super fancy high-end home….but she created memories where memories otherwise wouldn’t have been ~ just by decorating and make things special for each season and holiday. She commemorated and elevated our lives through décor. So here are my top 3 reasons why decorating for the holidays is not a frivolous shallow act….but an act of complete love!

  • It creates memories. This is the most important reason in my opinion. When we place significance on moments we remember them…Think about it this way, your kids can either grow up with no link or connection to their childhood or you can create such special moments that they will remember them forever and choose to recreate the same sense of “special” when they have their own family. I have a client whose in-laws treat Christmas Eve like any other day…and then they wonder why she and her husband have no desire to spend Christmas Eve at their house…??!!! Hello!! I say “If you build it they will come”…if you take the time and care to create special moments then people and loved ones will flock to you.
  • It instills a sense of meaning and significance into our lives. It makes the ordinary become extraordinary… The beauty of decorating for seasons and holidays is we are choosing to make otherwise normal days special. Also, decorating and having little projects like making Halloween cookies creates a sense of community and community makes us feel significant. We feel seen and apart of something larger than ourselves.
  • It adds a sense of excitement. Decorating for various holidays changes things up and brings a new energy into the space instead of things feeling stagnant and unchanging. Changing things up also makes you more present mentally in your life. Regular days become exciting and charged with anticipation as you lead up to the holiday or event.

I love this quote by Brene Brown.

Berne Brown Quote

But I would add that it’s up to us to set the stage to allow trust, gratitude inspiration and faith to happen and we can use our homes to do just that!

I know there are probably a few people out there saying “Whatever, decorating is frivolous and fluffy and a waste of time and money!” And of course, everyone is free to live their life however they think is best, but let me just say you could be missing out on a lot of life’s “goodies” by choosing to not make these moments significant. So, I encourage you to have some fun and get into the spirit of the holiday season upon us!!

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