6 No-Fail Tips to Design a Kitchen Nook Like a Pro!

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A kitchen nook is a great way to make an otherwise cold space filled with hard surfaces feel more soft and inviting. Whether your space is big or small or you’re planning to make a DIY breakfast nook or a custom built in bench or settee. These tips and ideas will show you how to design your kitchen breakfast nook like a pro.

Tips Inspiration Kitchen Breakfast Nook Design

When it comes to creating the perfect Kitchen Nook I have a few functional principals and a few style principals to follow!  If you know me, you know I like to create principals rather than rules. Principals leave room for you to make them your own! Rules are too rigid and honestly I break most rules anyway……

Tips Inspiration Kitchen Breakfast Nook Design

Functional Tips to Design a Kitchen Nook Like a Pro:

1.   Consider the desired seat height.

If you want a bench with a wood base toped with a cushion than make sure the wood base is a few inches shorter than normal seat height. This allows you to add your cushion and not have the finished seat height too high.

2.   Keep the cushions in place.

You’ll want to keep the cushions in place! Otherwise they’ll will drive you bonkers. You can do this a few ways! An inset or lip built into the wood structure is a great way to this and it allows the cushions to be flipped! This extends the wear between washings. You can also do something as simple as Velcro or even little metal clips that attach to the cushion and bench.

3.   Choose a durable cushion material.

Choose a durable and/or washable fabric. I would also create cushion covers with a zippers. That way you can easily wash them! Just remove the covers and throw them into the washing machine. I love using indoor-outdoor fabric. Just make sure no matter what you pre-wash the fabric before having the cushion made so that they won’t shrink when you wash them. I also love using high end vinyl, which can be cleaned with a magic eraser. Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of a good fabric treatment! Nanotex is a great option I use all the time. It allows you to make almost any type of fabric stain resistant!

4.   Pedestal base table is best.

Having a table with legs isn’t a “no-no” per se, but choosing a pedestal table will make a nook look visually cleaner. It will also make life easier because you can slide in and out of the cozy space without getting stuck between table legs.

Tips Inspiration Kitchen breakfast nook design

Style Tips to Design a Kitchen Nook Like a Pro:

1.   Choose an interesting light fixture.

Not only is a light fixture functional, but also it’s an easy way to make your space feel unique.

2.   Add a few pillows for added interest and coziness.

Throw pillows are a great way to add style and texture to a nook. They also make it cozy and comfortable!

There you have it! My top 5 tips for creating a Kitchen or Breakfast Nook like a design pro! With these principles in your arsenal you can easily create the kitchen nook of your dreams!


Shade fabric: Peter Dunham Textiles Kashmir Paisley

Fabric for banquette cushions: Navy Linen found Down Town Los Angeles

Light fixture: School House Electric Tangled Chandelier

Table: Target

Chairs: Overstock.com (no longer available) similar here

Pillow (pink): Fabric from Raoul Textile / Trim from Houlès / Custom Made by Glamour Nest

Pillow (brown): West Elm (no longer available)

Pillow (blue and white stripe): Target (no longer available)

Pillow (white + gold): Target (no longer available)

Pillow (fluffy): West Elm Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover

Some of the links above are affiliate links. I created this design and am happy to share ALL my resources with you. In return ~ I will make a very small commission if you purchase something using my link.

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