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An Inside Look at Our Girly Glamour Project

How to create a cohesive design barbie loft candy bar

I am a true believer that each person’s home should be as unique to them as their fingerprints! This is why I want to share how to create a cohesive design by giving you a peak behind the Glamour Nest design curtain.

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1.    Who calls the space home?

A busy media executive and her all-star basketball loving son. His room and TV hangout are upstairs (it’s not as girly) but he loves the downstairs space too. Particularly the candy bar. I hear it’s the envy of all his friends.

How to create a cohesive design blue and pink color palette living room tufted sectional

2.    Boring Details – Square footage, location, etc…

The first step in how to create a cohesive design is to take stock of what you’re working with! The space is located in West LA and is roughly 1745 square ft.  Technically, it’s considered a one bedroom but we hung drapes on the first floor to create a second bedroom. I focused on decorating the downstairs which is about 900 square ft., but I plan on getting my hands on the upstairs soon! LOL!

3.    The inspiration behind the decor?

What’s really cool is, this loft was purchased from another client of mine who referred the new buyer to me. She loved the previous space (obviously, she bought it) but wanted to make it her own. So, I have been able to design this loft two times! It was super fun to reinterpret a space for a brand-new personality and sense of style. This new client was basically a dream match for me… she is laid-back and playful, loves girly glamorous and colorful décor… we are basically the same person. We instantly clicked and she trusted me. Since it’s one big room, we wanted to preserve the overall flow but set up different living areas and create comfortable places for hanging out and chatting with friends. We wanted each area to feel different but the overall design between areas to feel cohesive. The Treat Bar was our way of making people feel at home.  We wanted people to walk in and be excited like a kid in a candy store and just help themselves. Glamorous but inviting!

How to create a cohesive design mint and blue color palette kate spade Dickenson lamps in a room
How to create a cohesive design gallery wall acrylic frames

4.    Color Palette Inspiration?

The space is super colorful, but I approached building the palette around 3 main colors (blue, green, and pink). Then I branched out with a lot of variation in tone and saturation on those colors. For example, I used mint green to chartreuse green but they were still green.  For pink, I used light pink to hot pink…all still pink. I also broke them up with lots of white and other materials such as acrylic and wood. This is a huge tip on how to create a cohesive design!

How to create a cohesive design floral wallpaper bedroom Tox Dixson pendant in a room

5.    My favorite spot in the home?

That’s a tough one! I think my favorite spot is the candy bar because… how could you not love sweet and colorful?! Also, I am obsessed with vintage glassware, so this was incredibly fun to source. I scoured the internet and all of my favorite vintage joints for unique options. 

How to style shelves candy bar cocktail bar

6.    Why Barbie!?

Barbie is the epitome of playful girly glamour, so how she ended up in the space was very organic. I knew we needed a large piece for that area but wasn’t exactly sure what it should be. Then, I was walking down Melrose with a designer friend and saw her through the window of De Re Gallery. It was as if a light came down from heaven and I was like, I MUST HAVE HER!!!  OMG! OMG! I think that’s literally what I said. Totally did not play it cool. She was perfect and she was going on that wall. Period. The piece is by Beau Dunn. And sometimes patience plays a huge part in how to create a cohesive design. You have to wait for the right pieces to come a long. I am not exaggerating when I say we had a blank wall for at least a year!

Beau Dunn barbie art tufted sofa blue and pink color palette

7.    Bedroom inspiration behind the decor and how it came to fruition?

I wanted the bedroom area to flow with the overall space because the drapes remain open quite a bit, but I still wanted it to feel like its own space. Also, this area is small, so I knew I had to make every piece count. I had to keep the furniture plan simple but added interest through contrasting elements, so I approached the design by playing with that idea. Modern and Vintage. Industrial and Glamourous. Rock & Roll and Classical. That contrast is what allows me to get so much depth from a space that is mainly a bed and 2 side tables.

How to create a cohesive design Bowie art acrylic night stand floral wallpaper bedroom

8. Where there any challenges?

There are always challenges! LOL. I think the biggest challenge was to make the cold modern space more cozy and glamorous WHILE still making sense….It’s always a tightrope act when mixing styles.  You want to feel fresh and exciting but not completely out of left field.  Overall I think we created a fun cohesive design!


Living room

Sofa – Custom Made

Coffee Table – Mod Shop Custom

Light – The Light Factory

Barbie – Beau Dunn from De Re Gallery

Rug –  

Side table – West elm Cube C0Side Table in White/Gray Marble

Ottomans – Overstock and the recovered

Ottoman Fabric – Osborne & Little Sea Breeze OutDoor/Indoor

Chair – Vintage

Chair Fabric – Designers Guild Aurelia

Floor Lamp – Zinc Door Jacques Floor Lamp

Side Table – Vintage

Frames – Highland Hardware

Chair – West Elm Roar and Rabbit Swivel Chair in Wasabi

Side Table – West Elm Gem Cut Side Table

Sconces – Vintage

Console – Wisteria Waterfall Vintage in Green

Lamps – Kate Spade Dickenson Buffet Lamp

Mirror – West Elm Faceted Mirror

Peacocks – Vintage

Dining Table – Mod Shop

Dining Chairs – Casper Clear Dining Chairs

Zebra Rug –

Vase – Jonathan Adler Dora Maar Urn

Light – Vintage

Palm Tree Basket – Home Goods

Bar Cart – Society Social Sedgewick in Gold

Pineapple Drink Dispenser – World Market

Pineapples – Vintage

Bar Tool Set – West Elm Deco Barware Collection

Cocktail Shaker – Anthropolgie Hobnail Glass Cocktail Shaker

Tray – Swing Design Elle

Popsicle Print – Choerte on Society 6

Frame – West Elm Gallery Frame Polished Brass

Credenza – Mod Shop Custom

Floating Shelves – Custom

Various Glasses – Vintage and Anthropologie

Basket – Serena and Lily no longer available


Bed – RH Baby and Child Lea Upholstered Platform Bed  and recovered

Bed Fabric – Designer Guild Shima Peony

Love Light  – West Elm

Night Stands – Wisteria Traditional Ghost Table

Lamps – West Elm Scoop Table Lamp

Rug – West Elm Sequin Knotted Rug

Poufs – Horchow

Wallpaper – Brunschwig & Fils Kanchou Verdigris

Light – Tom Dixon Etch Shade Pendant

Lips Art – Erin Graboski on Society6

Bowie Art – Quibe on Sociery6

Bowie Art Frame –  Custom

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