How Your Friends and Families Opinions Could Be Keeping You From Your Perfect Home

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Spring cleaning!! Guess what? It can be used on more than just tidying up your house.

Decluttering your mind can do wonders for you home too. Specifically, I’m talking about decluttering other people’s opinions. The ones that stick in your brain and weigh you down like a closet begging for a donation box. I’ve had plenty of my own experiences and clients have expressed the same struggle, so I thought it’s worth discussing…

Life is full of getting advice, whether it’s solicited or freely and excitedly shoved in your face by friends or family. It can be anything from advice on life, your appearance, or your décor choices — we have all been there. People have their opinions and love to share them. And while they can be well-intentioned, it’s important to remember friends and family can never fully be in your shoes. Take their input with grace and an open mind but also discernment. Because, they aren’t you.

Your mom can’t tell you what sofa you will find comfortable and your best friend will never know what paint color is going to make you happy for years to come. The only person who can make those calls is you. Why do I love feminine shoes and my best friend loves edgier shoes? Why do I love teal and she loves green? Because every person has developed a set of “loves” and “likes” based on their own life experience. They see the world through their own unique lens. Your style is simply your point of view.

This can mean your friends and families advice is being filtered through their own fears and insecurities. Your mom’s adamant dislike of that cool Moroccan floor tile might be coming from her own fear of standing out. Don’t let that convince you to get a neutral floor when the Moroccan floor makes your heart sing!! Or don’t let your friend’s opinionated husband make you second guess those blush drapes when you and your own hubs dig them. I say… “you do you.”

Don’t misunderstand the message here… I’m not saying never listen to the people you love. I am saying to trust yourself and allow yourself to be authentic. Yes, I know, sometimes it’s hard to make decisions. The cool thing is: the more you start trusting yourself, the more confident you become in making those decisions, and the more you’ll stretch yourself to try new things. But it all starts with not letting other people’s opinions weigh you down. Personally, I am interested only in living my life and SHARING it with others… not letting them run it.

You might be thinking, “then how can an interior designer help me? Aren’t I hiring them for advice?!?!” Correct. But a good interior designer is trained to listen to you, take what you love, and translate it into the design of your home. Really good designers can tell you what you love before you have even figure it out. Their goal should be to make your space reflect the very best version of YOU and your story! In fact, if you meet with a designer and it’s “all about them” that should be a red flag. Some people may want to be hands-off and live in a curated showpiece. That’s fine. But if you want a home that supports your life and reflects your personality, then start by trusting yourself. If you hire a designer make sure you hire a designer that listens, encourages you, and challenges you embrace your uniqueness. If you are taking on the design of your home solo than make sure you are listening encouraging and embracing yourself. And that can apply to everyone we surround ourselves with in life.

Everyone else… well… it’s a good time to take those opinions to the curb!!


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