Why I Stopped Setting New Years Resolutions and How it Helped Me Achieve More

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A few years ago I gave up on “New Years Resolutions” and started to create Goals instead.  My reasoning is, Resolutions feel so grand and intense that I would get overwhelmed and fail at them miserably and then feel guilty for being such a failure!  With goals I can declare the goal and break it down into a few steps to achieve it.  This feels so much more attainable (for me). In addition, I try to be very gentle with myself.  Baby steps!!  I feel like so many people start the new year with such intensity and grandeur ~ they sprint so to speak, get tired and they give up.  I found that being gentle and starting with baby steps is the way to create habits and long term results. For example, last year at Christmas I was 20 lbs over weight.  Instead of starting the year with a a crazy diet and working out every day, I first got my diet under control.  Even that I did in baby steps.  First I stopped drinking alcohol durning the week.  Once that became a habit and easy I cut out the sugar during the week and so on.  Once my new diet felt normal and was easy to maintain I then started my work out regimen which was only 2 days a week!! I didn’t set some crazy unrealistic work out routine so I was able to stick with that goal! The more I stuck with my goal the prouder I was of my self and the more I wanted to continue on my path.  PS….I actually lost the 20 lbs as of yesterday morning!!

This year I’m setting a list of goals for both my professional and personal life. The hubs (Scott) and I have started a tradition where we have a New Years Family Meeting where we talk about the blessings & lessons from the past year.  Then we create and discuss our goals together as a couple. I think it’s important to find someone you can do this with.  It doesn’t have to be a romantic parter.  A best friend is just as good!  Anyway, we tell the other what we need in terms of accountability and support and we pray over them. Now I will say this ~ I always keep a dose of flexibility to my goals.  Each day brings new blessings and new struggles and to not have flexibility will only cause pain.  You have to plan like your dreams and goals depend on you but in the end, you have to be open to where God and Life take you!

Break Down:

  1. Set Goals
  2. Be Gentle and Take Baby Steps
  3. Have Accountability
  4. Be Flexible & Open

Here are a list of my goals this year.  Again I like to be gentle so I have chosen 3.

  • Have more work/life balance.  I tend to let {Glamour Nest} take priority over my health and relationships.  The seeking of balance has been a 3 year journey and every year I get a little better.  2 small steps I have taken for this year are.  1.  I have found one interesting free thing to do each month that is non-work related.  This month it’s a visit to The Broad Museum and next month it’s a talk at the LA Central Library. 2. I joined a women’s bible study that lasts for 2 months.
  • Work on the healing of my anxiety. I have struggled and lived with anxiety for years this year I think the better work life balance will help and I have committed to one therapy session a month. I am not interested in wallowing.  I want to embrace forgiveness and healing.
  • Be more involved in social/marketing side of my business.  I get so caught up in my design work that I forget to share and encourage.  This year I am committing to one instagram post a day and 1-2 newsletters a month.  Baby Steps!

What are some of your goals for this year? I’d love to hear!

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