Spruce Up Your Home While Sheltering in Place

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Spruce up your home while sheltering in place.

6 simple ways to spruce up your home while sheltering in place – Part 3

I have been sharing 6 simple ways to spruce up your home while sheltering in place! And todays idea is super simple but VERY effective!

Idea No 3: GET A RUG!!

Get a rug on your floor! I don’t care what room it is – my answer is YES, it needs a rug! Not only can a rug make a huge impact in your space – it also makes your space feel cozy!! Who doesn’t want their space to feel inviting and comfortable?! Especially in our current world situation?!!!

Navy and pink living room.

I’m a sucker for having a soft rug under my delicate tootsies!!! 

Spruce up your home while sheltering in place.

A Few Tips:

1. Don’t skimp on rug size! Now, I’m not one for traditional rug rules, (I hate rules) but a rug that’s too small can throw off the balance of an entire room. What matters to me is – the rug is large enough to fill the space visually and make an impact!

You can see here – even when I used a fluffy rug it fills the space. If this room were larger – I would place a rug under the bed and add the fluffy rug on top.

Navy and pink bedroom.

Like I did here….

Spruce up your home while sheltering in place.

2. Don’t forget to buy a rug pad. I usually get mine on amazon and I love the the 3/4″ options….they feel so fancy! I usually but this one but I also came across this one which seems like it’d be really comfy!

3. Viscose. rayon, and silk are beautiful but not durable! If you use one of these – it’s better to do so on VERY VERY low traffic areas. Otherwise opt for wool, polyester, cotton, and/or polypropylene.

4. A cowhide is a great option for weird areas! This room was too narrow and long for a regular rug unless I went custom (Which I wasn’t about to do!). I opted for a cowhide to add depth and impact but in a way that fit the room.

Bright and colorful living room with a teal sofa by Los Angeles and Fort Worth based interior designer Jessica McClendon

My Favorite resources:

Loloi – My FAVORITE! and I get great pricing on this brand so if a Loloi option catches your eye – be sure to reach out to me. I can order and have it shipped to your home!

Jaipur – Another favorite! Again, I get special designer pricing on this brand so reach out if something catches your eye!

West Elm – I love using west elm mostly for custom seagrass rugs!

Anthropologie – Love almost all of there rugs! I just bought this one for “Get it done” session with one of my Fort Worth clients! I also love this one – I get really great pricing directly from Rifle!! So reach out if you are interested!

Caitlin Wilson – As you can see I love her Navy Kismet rug since I used it in two different living rooms!

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I hope this simple idea helps bring a little soft and comforting joy to your home! Feel free to respond to this email and tell me how you’re doing!!


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