Oct 16th

Q&A Tuesday ~ How Can I Show Hospitality In My Home?


How can I show Hospitality in my home?


I have a little 3 part series on this one!

Hospitality is what makes guests feel “at ease” in an unfamiliar place. Now, if you are in my Thoughtful Nesting class you know that that I believe that you first have to LOVE your home in order for you to be truly at-ease in it.  And once you are truly at-ease in your home others will be also. However, there are little “things” you can do that go the extra mile to show hospitality in your home make guests feel welcomed. Bar carts are one of my favorite ways to do this. When you have a bar cart displayed, complete with glasses, mixers, tools, napkins, cocktail recipe book, etc… you are saying “Help yourself!” “Mi casa es su case!” Being encouraged to get hands-on automatically puts guests at ease.

Not big on cocktails? You can create the same effect with a coffee, tea, or candy bar. Seriously something as simple as putting out a beautiful bowl filled with nuts or candy can really make people feel at home! Basically, what I’m saying is, give people treats and they’ll love you forever.

Remember that tools come in every style! So embrace you and choose your bar tools accordingly!



Here are a few of my favorite bar carts and accessories!

Tune in next month for my 2nd tip on adding a sense of hospitality to your home!

Oct 6th

Halloween Home Decor Ideas 2017

Whoooo! I love a good holiday décor round-up! Especially when it’s sooooo spooky! Turn on the Monster Mash and make some memories decorating for Halloween!! If you didn’t read my last blog post on why decorating for the seasons and holidays is an actually an act of love, I encourage you to check it out here!  It will give you permission to spend a little money on some Halloween Holiday Cheer. Now, on to the fun stuff….My Halloween home decor ideas for 2017.

So sometimes holiday decor, in general, can go sort of cheeseball….now that’s totally ok if that’s what you love! BUT if the cheeseball factor has kept you from decorating for the holiday than here are a few tips to incorporate Halloween decor in an ever so chic way….


Halloween Home Decor Ideas 2017: TIP No 1: Add Halloween decor to your home in a real way. Meaning, act like it’s part of your regular day-to-day decor….this could mean you switch out your bar cart accessories and dishes, throw pillows, or even a few pieces of art to reflect the season.  This makes it seem like part of your home instead of adding a bunch of extra stuff around the house.

Halloween Home Decor Ideas 2017

Source links: Cameo  / Boy Cameo / Bird Hanging / Skull Print 


Halloween Home Decor Ideas 2017: Table Top and Bar Accessories

Source links: Skull Wine Glasses  / Skull Dishes  / Black Plates  / Skull Decanter  / Love Potion No 9 / Goblets 


Halloween Home Decor Ideas 2017: Throw Pillows

Source links: Black Mongolian Pillow  / Skull Pillow  / Boo Pillow 



Halloween Home Decor Ideas 2017: TIP No 2: It doesn’t have to be overly Halloween or themed.  Add little creepy touches by simply adding items that are black…Like the dishes the listed above or this black candelabra or gold snake.


Halloween Home Decor Ideas 2017

Source links: Phone  / Curiosity Cloche / Butterfly Cloche   / Coasters  / Candelabra  / Gold Snake 



Halloween Home Decor Ideas 2017: TIP No 3: It’s ok to curate your collection over time. You want your holiday decor to reflect your style just as much as your day-to-day decor! When the holidays roll around you want to be EXCITED to pull all your goodies out!


Halloween Home Decor Ideas 2017: Pumpkins

Source links: Studd Pumpkin (looks like a Valentino Pumpkin to me!) / Tall Black Studded Pumpkin  / Gold Pumpkin 


What are your favorite Halloween home decor ideas?  Let me know in the comments!!  Happy Halloween!